Center Introduction


The Cambridge University - Nanjing Centre of Technology and Innovation is the University of Cambridge’s first major research centre outside the United Kingdom and the only one bearing the University’s name. Supporting cooperation between the University of Cambridge and China, its work includes high-impact scientific research, innovation and development, and promoting talent development through international academic exchanges and collaboration.

The Centre is dedicated to strengthening the collaboration between the University of Cambridge and leading Chinese universities, research institutes and industry partnersBuilding on Cambridge’s world leading expertise and facilities. It will significantly strengthen Nanjing’s technology innovation ecosystem by creating and enhancing connections between internationally leading researchers in China and Cambridge. It will take innovation to a new level, as it integrates existing scientific expertise and processes to address local needs.

The Centre’s innovative cooperation model combines leading scientific research methods, standardized project management tools and a benefit sharing mechanism that rewards inventors and collaborators in a fair and equitable manner.

This brand-new innovation transformation mechanism, underpinned by the world leading expertise of Cambridge and local partners, the Centre undertakes multi-disciplinary, collaborative innovation flexibly to meet the needs of local enterprises. It promotes new talent and helps build new R & D institutions to attract more innovative technology companies to Nanjing and Jiangsu Province.



  • 2019/9/10
    construction of the Centre’s permanent home began, with the ground breaking ceremony attended by Cambridge Vice-Chancellor Professor Stephen J Toope, Party Secretary of Nanjing City Party Committee Mr Zhang Jinghua and Nanjing Deputy Mayor Mr Jiang Yuejian.
  • 2018/11/5
    the Centre’s interim building and research facilities were opened.
  • 2018/7/30
    the Centre was launched, in the exhibition hall of the Technology Innovation Center of the NIHA
  • 2018/3/27
    the University of Cambridge and the Nanjing International Health Area (NIHA) committed to the creation of the Cambridge University - Nanjing Centre of Technology and Innovation