May 7, 2019 Formal launch of scientific research project of University of Cambridge-Nanjing Center of Technology and Innovation.
Address: Floor 2, Building 8, No.126, Dingshan Dajie, Jiangbei New District.
DETAILS / Details

On May 7th, the center's key projects "Multimodal and Hybrid 3-D Ultrasound/Photoacoustic Imaging Systems" and "Obes-related metabolic complications: pathogenic mechanisms, diagnostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets - China's metabolic health Obesity (MHO) was approved on the central board of directors. Chen Hao, deputy director of the Administrative Committee of Jiangbei New District of Nanjing, fully affirmed the research application value of the approved project. She pointed out that the central research direction is highly compatible with the industrial development direction of Jiangbei New District, and hopes that the center can further guide the transformation of scientific research results by marketization and form a continuous innovation breakthrough. A virtuous circle.