July 30, 2018 Opening ceremony.
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On the afternoon of July 30th, the opening ceremony of the Cambridge University - Nanjing Centre of Technology and Innovation project was held at the Exhibition Hall of the International Health City Public Health Science and Technology Innovation Center. Luo Qun, a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and a full-time deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jiangbei New District, unveiled the center. Chen Hao, deputy director of the New District Management Committee, and Chu Dayou, director of the Center for Advanced Optoelectronics and Electronics of the University of Cambridge attended the ceremony.

The unveiling ceremony marks the official landing of the University of Cambridge's only titled technology innovation center in Jiangbei New District, and will begin research and development of science and technology innovation.

The official landing of the center is a substantial measure and an important achievement of the implementation of innovation-driven development in Jiangbei New District. The two companies will rely on the center to build an international innovation cooperation platform, focusing on smart manufacturing, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, life and health and other industrial fields, and promote international high-end innovative research and development, results transformation, international academic exchanges, etc., to promote the world's latest technology and The application results will be launched in China, and China's first-class science and technology innovation platform and achievement transformation center will be built in Jiangbei New District.

The first phase of the center will focus on green smart city construction, biomedicine and other fields. Based on the background technology of Cambridge University, it will increase the output of results and guide the enterprise incubation in an orderly manner to form a good growth and technological advantage in the region. Prominent and complete innovation and transformation system of the industrial chain, and gradually expand innovation cooperation in other fields in the future.