Formal launch of University of Cambridge-Nanjing Center of Technology and Innovation.
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On November 5th, Zhang Jinghua, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee, met with the Vice President of the University of Cambridge, Eilis Ferran, who attended the launching ceremony of the Cambridge University - Nanjing Centre of Technology and Innovation. Zhang Shuji first expressed his support to the center. Congratulations, then the guests and the host had a cordial and friendly exchange.

On the afternoon of the same day, the launching ceremony of the Cambridge University - Nanjing Centre of Technology and Innovation project was held in the International Health City Public Health Technology Innovation Center. Luo Qun, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, the full-time deputy secretary of the Jiangbei New District Party Working Committee, and Vice President of the University of Cambridge, Eilis Ferran, leaders of the relevant departments of the New District, relevant heads of the University of Cambridge and related staff attended the launching ceremony. The launching ceremony marks the official operation of Cambridge University's only title-based technology innovation center and the development of scientific and technological innovation. It is also an important achievement of international innovation cooperation in Nanjing this year. In the future, the government will pay close attention and give the best policy support. It will become a powerful hand to help build the city's innovative city.

After the landing, the center will rely on the international innovation cooperation platform to study and support modern urban development and life health technologies, and promote the implementation of the first phase of cooperation including integrated intelligent information technology, health care and smart city building construction and management. The innovative transformation system with good performance, outstanding technical advantages and complete industrial chain, and gradually expand the field of innovation cooperation, the two sides share the benefits of innovation.

After the launching ceremony, the two sides discussed in-depth research on the matters related to the operation of the rapid promotion center, and clearly focused on integrating the international scientific and technological innovation resources on the basis of improving the company's management structure, and promoting the docking of projects with local universities, research institutions, and innovative and entrepreneurial service institutions in Nanjing. In-depth cooperation in the introduction of high-level talents, deepen the strategic partnership between the two sides, effectively promote more international scientific and technological achievements, carry out in-depth innovation and transfer and transformation, and create a new benchmark for regional innovation and development.

In the future, with the deep introduction of the resources of Cambridge University and the effective construction of the innovation mechanism, a scientific and technological innovation system that integrates regional synergies, a science and technology industry system for cluster development, an efficient and convenient technology transformation system, and a science and technology talent system promoted by the promotion and promotion The integrated innovation cluster will rise in the Jiangbei New District and become a shining business card for cross-border innovation cooperation in Nanjing.