Solidarity with Cambridge!
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27th March 2020 was the second anniversary of signing of the agreement for the Cambridge University - Nanjing Centre of Technology and Innovation, located in the Nanjing Jiangbei New Area. Yet on this special day, the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK was getting worse.

In Jiangbei New Area, the Cambridge Nanjing Centre and the Central Business District are working together to support Cambridge's fight against this pandemic and help it get through this difficult time safely and smoothly.

The Cambridge University - Nanjing Centre of Technology and Innovation was established in Jiangbei New Area two years ago, and plays an important strategic role to connect Cambridge with China and Nanjing with the world. Nanjing and Cambridge are not only partners working together for a win-win future but are also sincere friends who can share weal and woe.

The Cambridge Nanjing Centre has taken the following actions:

1. A special assistance group has been set up since 21st March 2020, consisting of professors from Cambridge University, colleagues from the Centre, and staff from Jiangbei New Area;
2. They work closely with the central coordination team at Cambridge to connect the University of Cambridge with PPE suppliers and donors;
3. The colleagues in the Centre address the need for anti-epidemic supplies in timeto find suppliers, carefully check the qualification of anti-epidemic materials, and establish a medical anti-epidemic source information database forreference of Cambridge University, Addenbrooke's Hospital, and Royal Papworth Hospital, and assist in ordering;
4. They have received manylocal helps, from the Nanjing City and Jiangbei New Area Foreign Affairs Offices, the staff of the British Embassy in China, and many excellent enterprises in the New Area, to overcome the significant difficulties such as the product supply, shipment, custom clearance and ensure the successful completion of sourcing of the required medical personal protections (PPEs).

The first batch of anti-epidemic supplies will arrive in Cambridge soon to help alleviate the urgent needs of local medical workers. Until the epidemic is over, friends in Nanjing will continue to assist Cambridge. The cold winter has gone, and the warm spring is coming. We believe that when there is love, the epidemic will eventually be over, and the flowers will eventually bloom!

Click the link to watch the center's support for Cambridge.