The first batch of PPE supplies to aid Cambridge has been sent!
Release Time:2020-04-21Pageviews:607

As the COVID-19 epidemic has evolved into a global pandemic, the affiliated hospitals of the University of Cambridge at the forefront of the epidemic continue to be under intense pressure. After the coordination and efforts of the Cambridge University - Nanjing Center of Technology and Innovation, the first batch of medical materials recently raised by various social parties has been dispatched by the Center from Shanghai to Heathrow Airport to support AddenBrooke's Hospital and Royal Papworth Hospital.

Due to the severe overseas epidemic situation, the supply of medical materials that meet the EU standard is relatively scarce, and meanwhile, the customs clearance and international transportation of the PPE supplies are gradually tightening. In the past half month, the Center has actively communicated with import and export trading companies, cargo agencies, and multinational logistics companies to promote the progress of the aid. 

The first batch being sent includes 22 boxes of 1100 suitsof protective clothing. Among these supplies, 500 suits are donated by Naxau New Materials Corporation, and 600 donated by Mr. Zhang Hengqiang from Shanghai. 

Professor Judith Driscoll from the Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy of the University of Cambridge is a research advisor of the Naxau. As an international authoritative expert in the field of nanomaterial research, Professor Driscoll helps the company overcome the bottleneck of oxide nanocomposite coating technology and plays a key role in the research and development of the new material project of hydrogen fuel cell that the company is advancing. "The scientific research cooperation with Professor Driscoll has improved the core competitiveness of the Naxau. Facing the current epidemic situation, the Naxau actively takes the initiative to donate PPE supplies to the affiliated hospitals of the University of Cambridge to thank Professor Driscoll for her help,” said Yuan Ansu, Chairman and Founder of the Naxau.

Since the Center introduced the shortage of PPE supplies at the affiliated hospitals of the University of Cambridge, many institutions (individuals) have contacted the Center to express their willingness to donate. In addition to the donors mentioned above, the Foreign Affairs Office of the People ’s Government of Ma'anshan City in Anhui Province, CAM-SU Genomic Resource Center of Soochow University, Xiamen University, Shandong University, and Nanjing Jade Bird Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd. also donated PPE supplies. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to them! 

At present, the Center is coordinating the transportation of supplies, and will continue to announce the update to ensure the kind donation will play a role in the front line of the British hospitals. One world, one fight, with the support of all parties and the efforts of medical staff, we believe that there are no difficulties that cannot be overcome even though the epidemic is severe. Go Cambridge!