CUNJC approved to establish Provincial Post-doctoral Innovation Practice Base
Release Time:2021-01-14Pageviews:446

Recommended by the Jiangbei New Area and approved by the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Jiangsu Province, the Centre obtained the qualification to establish Jiangsu Provincial Post-doctoral Innovation Practice Base. In future, the Centre will be able to entrust post-doctoral mobile stations to carry out post-doctoral recruitment and research.

The Jiangsu Provincial Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base is a provincial-level postdoctoral work platform, and an important carrier for high-level talent training, technological innovation and achievement transformation. Through the collaborative innovation of universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises, it creates an independent innovation platform for enterprises, promotes the in-depth integration of “production, education, research, and application”, and builds a smooth flow of talents and intellectual achievements between enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes. Under the careful guidance and services of the Department of Party Affairs of Nanjing Jiangbei New Area and the Central Business District Construction Management Office, the Centre was finally approved for this platform qualification.

Daping Chu, Tenured Professor of the University of Cambridge, and CEO and Academic Director of the CUNJC, said that the approval to establish the base is inseparable from the support of related departments of Nanjing. It is also a high recognition of the Centre’s scientific and technological research and development capabilities, industrial link capabilities and talent gathering capabilities. 

"The approval to establish the innovation practice base will play an important support and promotion role for the Centre to further broaden the talent recruitment and training channels and deepen the integration of production, education and research," Professor Chu pointed out, "the Centre must firmly grasp this opportunity to strengthen the introduction of outstanding talents, build a joint scientific research and innovation platform, and promote the transfer and transformation of international top achievements." 

High-level research talents are necessary for the Centre’s sustainable development. As the first science and technology innovation Centre established by the University of Cambridge outside of the UK, the Centre was jointly established by the University of Cambridge and Nanjing. Relying on the strong scientific research capabilities continuously imported by Cambridge University and its own excellent research capabilities, it has established long-term cooperative relations with Peking University, Tsinghua University and Fudan University, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, Southeast University and other top domestic universities, and is building a high-level talent team led by international experts, collaborated with domestic partners, and gathering of outstanding full-time scientific researchers.

In the next step, the Centre will follow the relevant post-doctoral management regulations, improve the internal post-doctoral management rules, do a solid job in the training, use and management of post-doctoral entrants, create a good scientific research and living environment for post-doctoral personnel, provide intellectual support for the construction of the innovative city of Nanjing, and serve the needs of local industrial transformation and upgrading, making substantial contributions to Nanjing building an international highland of scientific research and innovation.