Highlights of the CUNJC in 2020
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New Year Message

"Cambridge University Nanjing Centre has made considerable progress in the past year, despite of the great challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic to the world.  This is the result of the full support of University of Cambridge and Nanjing City and Jiangbei New Area, as well as the significant effort of our staff and the invaluable help of our collaborators and friends.  We would like to express our sincere gratitude for this and wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2021, the Year of the Ox."

--- Daping Chu, Tenured Professor of the University of Cambridge and the Academic Director and CEO of the CUNJC 

Part 1 Playing the role as a hub and deepening the Nanjing-Cambridge University cooperation

On September 25, the “Nanjing-Cambridge University Deepening Partnership Development Conference” was successfully held in the form of online and offline integration. Guests from government, enterprises, and universities actively expressed their opinions on the construction and development of the Centre and put forward higher hopes.

The CUNJC signed a number of cooperation agreements with top domestic universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, Southeast University, and Nanjing Tech University, and will carry out a series of cooperation in the construction of projects and research and innovation platforms, promotion of high-level academic exchanges, and establishment of student learning and practice bases.

The CUNJC signed a memorandum of cooperation with Cambridge University Press to jointly build a regional academic highland, disseminate cutting-edge academic information, and promote academic development.

The “CUNJC-Tuspark (Jiangsu) Joint Entrepreneurship Base” jointly built by the CUNJC and Tuspark (Jiangsu) Development Co., Ltd. was established.

The CUNJC signed a memorandum of cooperation with Cambridge University's Intellectual Property Commercialization Innovation Organization-"Cambridge Enterprise" to jointly promote transnational technology transfer, scientific and technological achievements transformation, and boost regional industrialization development.

Part 2 Amazing speed of the CUNJC’s long-term base construction

Since the foundation laying in September 2019, the long-term base of the CUNJC started construction in the first quarter of 2020

On May 20, 2020, it only took 80 days to complete building foundation and basement construction of the first phase of the project

On June 29, 2020, the main structure of the first phase was officially capped in only 46 days

In January 2021, the first phase was officially completed

Part 3 A friend in need is a friend indeed

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in China, the CUNJC took active actions in February when the epidemic was at its worst. Through overseas purchases, the CUNJC donated a total of 50,000 medical masks to Shipailing Shelter Hospital in Hongshan District, Wuhan, Xinjiang Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarter, Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital, Central Business District Construction Management Office Nanjing of Jiangbei New Area, and Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital (Jiangbei International Branch).

During the 100 days from March to June, 9 busy members from assistance team in Nanjing released solicitation information for medical resource for 4 times, and multi-contacted with the Cambridge hospitals, donors, suppliers, importing and exporting agents, freight forwarders, couriers and other related institutions, total number of over 40 entities, sending out 10 batches of medical supplies to Cambridge hospitals, a total weight of about 1305 Kgs and 54,000 pieces.

“The CUNJC is an important strategic international institution of the University of Cambridge. The University of Cambridge is very grateful for the donation of epidemic prevention materials initiated by the CUNJC.”

— Stephen Toope, Vice Chancellor of Cambridge University

Part 4 Scientific research progresses steadily

Combining the direction of industrial development in Nanjing and the New Area, the CUNJC introduced the second batch of scientific research projects from Cambridge University, which were reviewed and passed by experts in the middle of the year.

The CUNJC applied for 5 patents:

A method and system for fully automatic phase error correction of holographic interferometer

Preparation method of adaptive optical gel based on borate reversible covalent bond

Method and device for measuring actual reflectivity of liquid crystal device

Series cascade switch transformer DC-DC converter and its working method

A MMSE beamformer, MMSE beamforming method, and computer readable storage medium

In July, the CUNJC published an academic paper jointly with Cambridge University and Nanjing University in Optics Letters, an authoritative international optical journal

“Photoacoustic–ultrasonic dual-mode microscopy with local speed-of-sound estimation”

In December, the CUNJC published an academic paper jointly with Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital and other institutions in the Journal of Extracellular Vesicles, a top international biomedical journal

“Pancreatic β cells control glucose homeostasis via the secretion of exosomal miR-29 family”

Part 5  Normalizing project roadshows to deepen development of production, education and research

On July 24, the CUNJC held the 2020 CUNJC Seminar on International Innovation and Scientific and Technological Achievement Transformation and Biomedical Healthcare and Medicine Project Roadshow, focusing on the fields of biomedicine and health care, gathering Cambridge University experts, scholars from domestic and foreign universities, well-known investment institutions and enterprises, and online Chinese and foreign guests, discussing on collaboration and achievement transformation issues.

On November 23, the second roadshow of the international technology series of the Centre -- New Electronic and Optoelectronics Technology Roadshow was successfully held. It aimed at the latest achievements in the field of new electronic and optoelectronics technology, gathered representatives of domestic and overseas enterprises and venture capital institutions in related fields, and successfully launched Cambridge high-quality application-oriented projects, which attracted great attention from all walks of life.

"In terms of medical ultrasound imaging research, the Nanjing Centre has a good industrial cooperation atmosphere, which is not available in British companies."

——Richard Prager, Head of Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge and Project PI of the CUNJC

Part 6 Integrating into local activities and taking root in the construction of the innovative city of Nanjing

From June 22 to 26, the CUNJC actively participated in various activities of Nanjing Tech Week.

The "New 3D Display Solution" from the team of Professor Daping Chu of the University of Cambridge released the technology and R&D progress through the online "Cool Technology" exhibition

Eilis Ferran, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, recorded video messages for the "Innovative Talk", the “T20 Innovation Cooperation Forum”, and "the Zijinshan Mountain Talent Development International Summit" respectively, sharing the Cambridge University’s innovation environment and entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as the green development concept and talent training experience.

Eilis Ferran also recorded a video message for the 5th anniversary of the Jiangbei New Area, fully affirming the long-term cooperation between the University of Cambridge and Nanjing and Jiangbei New Area, and sincerely congratulated the Jiangbei New Area for its construction achievements, and wished the New Area to achieve further success in the future development.

"With the generous funding of Jiangbei New Area, we have launched such an important overseas institution, which will help generate influential research. This is the first time that Cambridge University has established an institution of this size abroad. Without the foresight and support of Jiangbei New Area, none of this would be possible."

——Eilis Ferran, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge

Part 7 Awarded and recognised for development achievements

On June 24, the Fifth Anniversary and High-quality Development Conference of Nanjing Jiangbei New Area was held. Professor Daping Chu was awarded the "Special Contribution Prize for High-quality Construction of Jiangbei New Area".

On December 11, Nanjing held a conference for the "Haizhiwan" international talent block. In the conference, Nanjing appointed 6 overseas image ambassadors at the conference, including Professor Daping Chu.

On December 21, Nanjing University held International Cooperation Promotion Conference. Professor Daping Chu was appointed as the international affairs consultant of the president of Nanjing University.

On December 25, approved by the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Jiangsu Province, the Centre obtained the qualification to establish Jiangsu Provincial Post-doctoral Innovation Practice Base. In future, the Centre will be able to entrust post-doctoral mobile stations to carry out post-doctoral recruitment and research.

"The approval to establish the innovation practice base is a high recognition of the CUNJC’s research and development capabilities, industry link capabilities and talent gathering capabilities. The Centre must firmly grasp this opportunity to strengthen the introduction of outstanding talents, build a joint scientific research and innovation platform, and promote the transfer and transformation of international top achievements."

----Daping Chu, Tenured Professor of the University of Cambridge, CEO and Academic Director of the Centre