Cambridge Alumni Innovation and Entrepreneurship Salon to be Held
Release Time:2021-06-18Pageviews:990

The Nanjing Tech Week 2021 will kick off on June 21. Focusing on urban innovation, sharing innovative ideas, transmitting technological trends, and exploring innovative paths, the event will centre on the theme of "Urban Innovation under the New Development Pattern".

Jiangbei New Area where the Centre is located is a national-level new area, and shoulders the major mission of the innovation source of Jiangsu Province and the pioneering area of Nanjing’s innovation development. During the Nanjing Tech Week 2021, the Centre will continue to give full play to its advantages, gather cutting-edge talents, and deeply integrate into the urban innovation and development. With the full support of the Jiangbei New Area, Cambridge Alumni Innovation and Entrepreneurship Salon , jointly organized by Cambridge Nanjing Centre, Jiangbei New Area Central Business District Construction Management Office, and Nanjing Western Returned Scholars Association, and co-organized by Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Alumni Network Jiangsu- Zhejiang and Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Alumni Network Shanghai, is planned to be held on June 25.

The essence of science is innovation, and the key to innovation lies in talents. The alumni are an important starting point for gathering talent resources.

As one of the events of Nanjing Tech Week 2021, the Centre will invite outstanding alumni of Cambridge University to visit and explore the leading industries in Jiangbei New Area, share the practical experience of Cambridge alumni in entrepreneurship and innovation, and invite representatives of government agencies, venture capital institutions, enterprises and alumni to discuss together the role of alumni groups in technological innovation, with the aim to maximize the role of Cambridge Nanjing Centre in linking high-quality production, education and research resources at home and abroad, and to serve the innovative development of the city.