The Cambridge Festival 2022 Coming Soon!
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The Cambridge Festival 2021 with digital engagement has gained extensive attention. In the context of the COVID-19, the previous Cambridge Science Festival and Cambridge Festival of Ideas were upgraded to a new cross-disciplinary Cambridge Festival last year. In the festival, public engagement activities were delivered digitally for the first time.

The 10-day 364 online events have received more than 100,000 views from 175 countries and 6 continents, of which 48% of the audience participated in the Cambridge Festival for the first time. From the launch of the festival to its end, the official website of the Cambridge Festival received 450,000 independent visits. This year, the latest research taking place at the University was brought to a global audience through the inaugural Cambridge Festival and the top three words used to share peoples experience at the festival were Curious, Inspired, and Entertained. 

As the most important public engagement event at the University of Cambridge, the Cambridge Festival will take place between 31 March and 10 April 2022 with a mixture of 350 on online, on-demand and in-person events covering all aspects of the world-leading research happening at Cambridge.  

On Health Issues

The Cambridge Festival 2022 will share the latest health research, while raising and debating big questions around some of the ethical dilemmas raised. These include new treatments for cardiovascular disease, emerging technologies in organ transplantation, the future of fertility treatment, Alzheimer's research and depression research, regenerative medicine, and gene editing.

On Environmental Issues

The Cambridge Festival 2022 will bring together leading scientific and policy experts to study the critical situation facing the global environment and provide solutions for how to restore the environment, explore alternative energy, alternative proteins, low-carbon travel, and focus on rapid emission reductions to accelerate the achievement of net zero emissions.

The mission of the University of Cambridge is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest international levels of excellence. The Cambridge Festival, which is open to the public, is an important part of the University's mission.

One of the predecessors of the Cambridge Festival - "Cambridge Science Festival" launched in 1994, was the UK's largest science festival free for the public. Inspired by British Science Week, its purpose is to make science and engineering more accessible to the public. During the festival, Cambridge scientists and researchers opened their lecture halls and laboratories for people of all ages, organised a variety of popular science events and lectures, showcasing the research on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) at the Cambridge University. It provided opportunities for the public to explore and discuss issues of science, cultivate the scientific literacy of the entire population, and encourage the younger generation to pursue scientific careers.

The other predecessor, the "Cambridge Festival of Ideas " was launched in 2008. Inspired by the annual Cambridge Science Festival, it aimed to encourage the public to explore the arts, humanities and social sciences through a series of creative events (mostly free).

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