Biomedical Science
Obesity associated metabolic complications: Pathogenic mechanisms, diagnostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets
The project is led by Professor Antonio Vidal-Puig of the University of Cambridge,the market size of the biomedical problem of obesity and associated cardiometabolic disease is massive in the context of the demographic changes with progressive ageing and increased prevalence of obesity and diabetes globally, fatty liver is becoming the most important cause of liver transplantation and it is the fastest growing hepatic pathology. In summary this is a global market.
Principal Investigator
Antonio Vidal-Puig
Professor of Molecular Nutrition and Metabolism, University of Cambridge, Ph.D., School of Medicine, University of Granada, Spain, EMBA, Judge College, University of Cambridge, Director of the Center for Metabolic Research, University of Cambridge, Associate Professor of MRC Metabolic Diseases, Honorary Professor of Nanjing University. He has worked in Harvard Medical School and Cambridge University. He is currently a professor of molecular nutrition and metabolic biology at the University of Cambridge. He is mainly involved in the molecular mechanisms of obesity and insulin resistance, the molecular mechanisms of diabetes and abnormal cardiac metabolic complications, and related drugs. Intervention strategy research. Current Center for Obesity and Cardiac Metabolic Complications Project Principle Investigator.
Sergio Rodriguez-Cuenca, PhD.
Wei Li, PhD
Mark Campbell
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